a chance to live an independent life & in dignity


Stichting Charity Fund Rijsholt

Education is often the key to a better life, to a higher standard of living.  Unfortunately many women and children do not get the chance to participate in mainstream education.  Reasons for this are manifold and varied.  Education is not stimulated, or not available, or expensive, or culturally not acceptable, just to name a few of the reasons.

However, it turns out that if and when children and women from backward situations are given the chance to be educated, or develop themselves, they do very well.  These chances do not only have a direct effect but also an impact on generations to come.

Charity Fund Rijsholt was founded in 2011 to give children, youth and women in The Netherlands and the rest of the world a chance.  The aim is to give them a chance to develop and grow, a chance to live an independent life, in dignity.