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Stichting Charity Fund Rijsholt


Charity Fund Rijsholt has been working since 2012 and is supporting, among others, the following projects and organizations:

Stichting Fusion Study Foundation and its local partner United Way of Baroda in Vadodara (Gujarat, India) have been working together since 2005 to offer interest free loans to students who are bright but have no financial means to afford further education.

The foundation is supporting Humanitas (District North in The Netherlands) for a set number of years with an annual contribution for toy- and Sinterklaas programs as well as child and youth vacation weeks and programs for children from the Rijnmond area.

This foundation is supported financially and is free to choose the way it spends the donation, as long as it contributes to the dissemination of the humanistic principles, and the guiding principles and main goals (of development and education) of Charity Fund Rijsholt are respected. 

The weekendschool provides additional education for motivated youth (aged 10 to 14) from social-economical weak urban areas.

Liliane Foundation works for children with disabilities in developing countries. Charity Fund Rijsholt supports the Liliane Foundation for projects in Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh (India).

Together with the Dutch NGO RRDF and its Indian counterpart VEDA, Charity Fund Rijsholt built a Vocational Training Center in Chilakaluripet (Andra Pradesh, India) to give youth from the slum areas a chance to learn a trade/vocation and to secure jobs afterward.

Charity Fund Rijsholt has partnered with the Partnership Foundation to support three Rainbow Homes for street girls, in the Indian cities Patna and Delhi.

Charity Fund Rijsholt has partnered with MV Foundation in Hyderabad in a project to keep girls in school until the age of 18.

A more detailed overview of activities (in Dutch) can be found here.